Witch soup

Witch soup?

If you’re a witch, you should be accustomed to having chunks of gross stuff in your food. Commonly used raw ingredients include rat tails, bat wings, spider legs and earthworms. All those aside, nothing is as disgusting as finding a hair in your soup. At least not for a witch.

People should definitively eat soup more often. While soup is often seen as food for the poor, or a lesser gastronomic experience, there are endless possibilities to how soup could become interesting again. Of all the things you could put into a pot and boil it, surely you would at some point stumble upon a recipe that is just perfect for you. I used to love tomato soup with macaroni as a child, but that is something that you never see anymore. At least not where I live. As far as I know, everybody here hates it but me.

If I lose my job, I’ll kickstart a soup empire. And I’ll use all the awesome ingredients that go in to make the perfect soup. And what are those, you might ask? I’m not talking about bat wings and spider legs here. I had meticulously scribbled down the perfect soup recipe during a particularly long toilet visit on a mountain cabin in 1997. And I have kept it hidden till this day. It’s a secret I will need to keep to myself. So that I’ll get filthy rich, once I stop making comics and start grinding soup.

As to the ancient discussion on whether you are eating or drinking the soup, relies entirely upon the instrument of choice for consumption. If you are using a spoon, you are eating the soup. If you’re slurping the soup straight from the bowl, you’re drinking it. Also, you’re bit of a weirdo if you do that.