Sea Lions and their fish bucket

Sea Lions

They’re funny, they’re cute and they’re smart. Maybe too smart to put up with this job, if the pay isn’t right. And that’s why you should never forget the fish bucket. A sea lion is essentially the wilder, more outgoing, party-version of a seal. While sea lions hit the town at night, partying loud, seals are more of the quiet type, that sit in a library and read books all day. Also seals have very small ears, so you have to shout at them if you want them to listen.

The male version of a sea lion is often referred to as a bull. But you have to ask the scientists about that one, because they got no horns and they certainly don’t look like bulls from any particular angle. What would be cool is if they at some point evolved into sea lion bulls, with big horns and a snotty attitude. That I would like to see.