379 Oddball

Oddball – a sport without rules

Oddball is a sport for two or more people. It includes a random amount of balls, and the contestants are free to bring other props as they like. Nobody really knows the rules to the game, but the audience usually decides on a winner at the end of the match or they decide to leave before the game is over. A typical match can last anything from a few minutes to several hours.
Famous oddball players include Hermann Göring and Benito Mussolini. Hermann played actively for several years and established Germany’s first national oddball team in Munich in 1932. The team was the only one in Europe at the time, and they only got to play one real match. Mussolini is said to have participated in several tournaments in Cuba leading up to World War II.

The sport has its origin from Cuba, and was first played at a bachelor party in Miramar, a suburb of Havana around 1920. It has since lost its popularity dramatically, mostly because no one really knows how the game is played and no one cares.