Crime scene - drawing the line

At the Crime Scene – Drawing the Line

At this crime scene, finding out what happened should not prove to be too difficult. As Roy here is about to discover, there are many situations where we need to draw the line. If someone steps on your feet, calls you a monkey or takes a shit on your fan, be ready to step up and say: “Nay! This is where I draw the line!“. And at that instant, when an intruder enters your personal sphere, chalk is a good weapon of choice. Do no use it sparingly, for chalk is cheap and comes in many colours. But be careful when you go shopping for the white stuff. Because the very blackboard chalk you may hold in your hand right now, may not be chalk at all. In these modern days, when all the chalksmiths have died and the art of chalk is but a fart in the winds of time, chalk is usually made of calcium sulfate, which is like a totally cheap replica of real chalk that is made of calcium carbonate.